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Focus on what you love and let our platform handle the rest, from content creation to seamless sales.

Feel good about your courses reshaping lives and careers, Every Single Day

Profit From Your Passion, Daily

Turn Every Lesson into a Revenue Stream

Minimal Input, Maximum Output

Leverage awesome tools to create smart educational content that connects with your users, with no problems with overhead or inventory.

No Experience Is Required To use It

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Watch How We Turn 1 Keyword Into A Beautiful E-book In Less Than A Minute…

Craft courses that click and create profits that stick . With Mini Lessons Academy, it's not just teaching—it's changing lives. We give you the magic wand to become the world's best teacher. Check out our live demo below and start your success story today.

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Your Course Creation Journey
is Just Moments Away

Unlock the Gateway to Microlearning Mastery

just a few clicks, create engaging, bite-sized courses that captivate and educate. Use our powerful platform and watch as your knowledge becomes an asset to learners worldwide.

Step 1


Enter the Mini Lessons Academy’s internet based command center.

Step 2


Select your niche and let our tool go to work, creating your fully-formed microlearning course for you!

Step 3


Hit 'Share' to reach a hungry audience eager for bite-sized knowledge.

Step 4


That’s all there is to it! Watch as your impact spreads and get used to seeing automated income like this:

Interactive Tool: Sneak Peek Studio

Your Ideas, Our Magic

Curious to see what your course could look like? Pop your idea into our Sneak Peek Studio and watch the magic happen. Spoiler: It's gonna look awesome."

A simple, engaging interface where users can enter a topic and see a fun, animated course preview.

"Where does your creativity bloom? Share a pic of your unique creation spot with #MyMicroLearningSpace. Inspire and get inspired by fellow creators' favorite spots! Whether you’re on the beach, a bustling café, or your cozy corner, we love seeing where your journey unfolds."

Instant Course Creation

Make Any Place Your Creative Space

Your next big idea could pop up anywhere! With 'AnyDevice EasyCourse Creator,' you're always ready to roll.

Turn those lightbulb moments into awesome courses right then and there, using whatever device you've got on hand. It's simple, speedy, and super flexible.

Just tap, swipe, and you're on your way to publishing courses that learners will love. Say goodbye to waiting and hello to creating – anytime, anyplace. Let's make learning happen, wherever you are!

"I designed my most popular course while waiting for my flight at the airport, all thanks to Mini Lessons Academy's flexible platform."
Anna F.

Your Creative Compass for Course Creation

Easy Peasy Course Creation

Think of it as your creative compass, pointing you in the right direction every step of the way. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned educator, Simple Steps makes the process a breeze. Confused about structuring your course?

"With Simple Steps I turned my passion into a course in just one afternoon. It was straightforward and actually fun — like going on a road trip with a friend showing the way!"
George A.

Whenever you need a hand, our 24/7 support team and community are here to help.

Wondering how to keep students engaged? Relax, we’ve got the answers. With Simple Steps it’s as easy as following a map – leading you straight to a finished course you’ll be proud of. No hassles, no headaches, just seamless creativity from start to finish.

Got a course idea right now? Jot it down here and see how easy it is to start!

Embrace a journey where each obstacle is a chance to excel, and watch as 'Challenge Converter’ turns potential roadblocks into remarkable achievements.

Conquer Every Course Crafting Challenge

Turn Hurdles Into Highlights

Stumbling upon hurdles in your course creation journey? Step into the world of Challenge Converter your ultimate problem solver.

This tool isn’t just about fixing issues; it’s about turning them into opportunities for unparalleled growth. Whether it’s a snag in your tech setup, content confusion, or a moment of creative doubt, Challenge Converter is there to turn your 'Oh no' into an inspired 'Oh yes!'

I thought my course was doomed when I hit a major snag. 'Challenge Converter' didn't just solve my issue; it turned it into my course's best feature!"
Beth Y.

Revolutionize Learning with FunLearner

Craft Courses That Captivate

Welcome to FunLearner the tool that injects excitement into every course.

Dull lessons? Not here! With FunLearner you're equipped to transform any topic into an interactive quest. Quizzes, games, and surprises await at every turn, ensuring students aren't just learning; they're having a blast. It's time to create those buzz-worthy courses that students can't wait to explore!

"Students used to drag themselves through my courses, but with 'FunLearner,' they're racing to the finish! Engagement has never been higher!"
Edward M.

FunLearner is not just about fun; it's about effective learning. Engaged students retain more and come back for more. You're not just teaching; you're inspiring a love for learning.

Forget about the complexities of design software. 'Course Craft' simplifies it all, making it accessible to anyone with a passion for teaching and a vision for their course. Drag, drop, and design your way to a course that's as fun to look at as it is to take.

Magic at Your Fingertips

Create Eye-Catching Courses Instantly

Step into Course Craft where course creation meets artistry.

No more what happened moments – only wow experiences! Our intuitive platform turns your concepts into captivating, visual masterpieces with just a few clicks. Choose from diverse templates, sprinkle in stunning visuals, and add interactive elements to mesmerize your learners. With Course Craft you're not just creating courses; you're crafting visually rewarding experiences that learners love to explore.

"I always worried that my courses looked too amateurish, but 'Course Craft' turned me into a design pro overnight! My students are more engaged than ever, and they can't stop talking about how great everything looks!"
Dana G.

Speak Their Language

Global Classroom, One Click Away

Step into the role of a global educator with GlobalVoice.

Your courses now speak every language, touching lives across continents. No more language limits – just pure, universal teaching. With GlobalVoice. your insights leap across linguistic boundaries, crafting a diverse learning community. It's not just translation; it's a revolution in global education.

"I never dreamed my courses could reach students in so many countries. 'GlobalVoice' turned my local class into a global community!"
David C.

Navigating multiple languages can be complex, but GlobalVoice. simplifies it all. With our seamless translation and cultural adaptation engine, your courses will feel local, no matter where your students are.

You're not alone on your creative journey. CreatorConnect, is here to ensure you have all the support, guidance, and camaraderie you need to succeed.

Community & Collaboration

Join Forces with Fellow Creators

Welcome to CreatorConnect, your hub for collaboration, support, and inspiration.

In the world of course creation, nothing is more empowering than a supportive community. CreatorConnect brings together like-minded educators and creators from around the globe. This is where creators meet, mingle, and grow together. Whether you're seeking feedback on your latest module, looking for new teaching strategies, or just need a motivational boost, 'CreatorConnect' is your go-to. Here, every voice matters, every experience adds value, and every creator has a home.

"Joining CreatorConnect, was the best decision I made. The feedback, encouragement, and ideas I've received have transformed my courses and how I think about teaching."
Jeff R.

Your New Playground

Step Inside: Your World of Creation Awaits

Take a tour of what it's like to create with us.

"You might just end up with a big smile and a ton of amazing ideas."

Watch How We Turn 1 Keyword Into A Beautiful E-book In Less Than A Minute…

We're with you every step of the way. From your first idea to your first student and beyond, Mini Lessons Academy is here to support, guide, and celebrate your achievements.

Share your first course idea or goal with #MyCreationJourney. Let's embark on this adventure together and witness the incredible places it can lead!

Craft Your Success Story

Start Your Legacy Today

Step into a realm where your knowledge transforms lives with Mini Lessons Academy.

You've explored our innovative tools and vibrant creator community - now it's your turn to make waves. Whether you're a course creator or a year 10 educator, our platform is your stage to captivate, engage, and enlighten. At Mini Lessons Academy, there are no bounds to your instructional imagination. Your story as an acclaimed course creator starts with a single, daring click.

"I was hesitant to start, but once I did, there was no looking back. My courses have reached learners worldwide, and the impact has been beyond my wildest dreams. If you're on the fence, just go for it!"
Georgae A.

Community & Collaboration

Join Forces with Fellow Creators

Limited-Time Opportunity

Be among the elite first 50 creators to join 'Mini Lessons Academy' and unlock the keys to unparalleled success. We're not just offering a platform; we're offering a transformation.

Premier Access Pass

As one of our pioneering members, you'll receive instant access to our Premium Microlearning Templates — a curated collection designed by top educators and instructional designers. These aren't just any templates; they're your blueprint to creating courses that captivate and convert.

Expert Toolkit

Dive into a treasure trove of advanced tools and services, previously available only to our premium clients. From cutting-edge analytics to personalized course enhancement suggestions, you'll have everything you need to elevate your courses and your impact.

Priority Support

Your journey is important to us. As a pioneer, you'll receive priority access to our support team, ensuring your questions are answered, and your courses shine. Plus, enjoy exclusive webinars and Q&A sessions with leading experts in the field of online education.

Lifetime Updates

The world of online learning is always evolving, and so are we. As one of our first 50 members, you'll receive complimentary lifetime updates to 'Mini Lessons Academy' and all the premium tools you've accessed. You'll always have the best of what we offer, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

Don't miss out! This exclusive offer is only available to the first 50 creators who dare to transform their teaching journey. Are you ready to be one of them?

The Mini Lessons Academy Promise

Your Course, Our Commitment

At Mini Lessons Academy, we're so confident in your course's potential that we offer the 'Learner Reach Promise.'

If your course doesn't reach at least 500 learners within 30 days, you get your money back, no questions asked. We're not just about crafting courses; we're about ensuring they soar across the globe.

30-Day Creator’s Triumph Guarantee

Beyond Just a Refund

At Mini Lessons Academy, our standard is above and beyond. If your course doesn’t generate significant interest and engagement within 30 days, not only do you get your money back, but we will give you our 'Creator’s Toolkit' for free to help your relaunch go off without a hitch! This toolkit includes advanced analytics insights, personalized marketing strategies, peer reviews and more!

Unleash a Treasure Trove of
Bonuses with Your Enrollment!

Here Are the Bonuses You Will Receive When You Sign Up Today!


MarketScout Report

Tap Into Real-Time Market Insights

With our exclusive MarketScout Report, get in-depth market analysis at your fingertips. Understand exactly what your audience wants, and craft courses that hit the mark every time. It's like having a personal market research team, ensuring your courses are always in high demand!

Value Workshop


Master the Art of Value-Packed Courses

Unlock access to our Value Workshop series – a treasure of online courses guiding you through high-value content creation. Learn from experts how to pack maximum value into your courses, making them irresistible to students.

Pricing Trendsetter Toolkit

Pricing Strategy Revolutionized

Pricing Strategy Revolutionized Navigate the complexities of course pricing with our Pricing Trendsetter Toolkit. Master dynamic pricing strategies and set prices that reflect the true value of your courses, ensuring profitability and appeal.


Marketing Maverick Program

AI-Powered Marketing at Your Command

Dive into personalized marketing with our Marketing Maverick Program. Get AI-driven, custom marketing plans for each of your courses, ensuring maximum visibility and enrollment.


Quality Check Service

Excellence in Every Lesson

Maintain the highest standards with our QualityCheck Service. Receive peer reviews and professional insights to ensure your course content remains top-notch, elevating your teaching prowess.


Audience Analyzer

Understand Your Learners Like Never Before

With Audience Analyzer, delve deep into your target audience. Utilize detailed personas to tailor your courses precisely to student needs, ensuring a deeply personalized learning experience.


USP Brainstorm Workshops

Uncover Your Unique Edge

Stand out from the crowd with our USP Brainstorm Workshops. Discover and highlight the unique aspects of your courses, carving out a distinct space in the crowded e-learning market.


StoryCrafters Toolkit

Weave Compelling Success Narratives

Create powerful testimonials with our StoryCrafters Toolkit. Learn to ethically gather and showcase success stories that resonate with potential students, building trust and credibility.


SalesWriter Kit

Master Sales-Driven Course Content

Transform your course descriptions into compelling sales copy with the SalesWriter Kit. Harness the power of strategic content to captivate and convert potential learners into dedicated students.


FeedbackLoop Tool

Instant Feedback, Instant Improvement

Embrace real-time student feedback with FeedbackLoop Tool. Adjust and refine your courses based on live sentiment analysis, continuously enhancing learner satisfaction.


Customer Cultivator Program

Nurture Lifelong Learners

Develop a loyal learning community with our CustomerCultivator Program. Implement effective follow-up strategies and cultivate repeat enrollments, turning one-time students into lifelong learners.


Course Renew Service

Keep Your Content Forever Fresh

Ensure your courses remain relevant and engaging with our CourseRenew Service. Receive regular content updates and trend insights, keeping your teachings modern and effective.


Confidence Coach for Educators

Teach with Unshakable Confidence

Overcome teaching anxieties with our ConfidenceCoach program. Access resources and exercises designed to boost your confidence, turning you into an educator who inspires and transforms.

Step Into the Future of Course Creation - Right Now!

You've seen the unparalleled tools, the transformative bonuses, and the potential to reshape the world of learning. This isn't just a step forward; it's a leap into a future where your courses ignite minds and open doors. With Mini Lessons Academy, you're not just creating courses; you're crafting a legacy. Every moment you wait is an opportunity missed. Don't just read about success – make it yours. Join us now and revolutionize the way you teach. The clock's ticking, and your next big success story starts with a single click. Are you ready to 10X your impact? We know you are.

Remember Mini Lessons Academy Works…

Without Spreadsheets

Streamline your process, focus on teaching.

Without Additional Apps

All-in-one platform for ease and efficiency.

Without Research

Pre-integrated tools and insights at your fingertips.

Without Reading Books

We’ve done the hard work for you.

Without Note-Taking Chaos

Automated organization for your peace of mind.

Without DIY Course Creation

Intuitive design for a smooth experience.

Without Wasted Time

Straight to teaching, straight to impact and building your reach.

Without Guessing Games

Clear guidance every step of the way.

Don't Just Dream About Success - Create It!

You've reached the end of this page, but it's just the beginning of your journey to becoming an educational powerhouse. With Mini Lessons Academy, you're not just joining a program - you're stepping into a realm of endless possibilities. Here, we equip you with everything – and we mean everything – to skyrocket your course creation success. Multiply your reach, magnify your impact, and make every course a masterpiece of learning. Hesitation isn't in your vocabulary. The future of education is calling, and it has your name on it. Join now and be the game-changer you were always meant to be.

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