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Instant Author turns any idea, article, or thought into a complete book in seconds. It’s the quickest way to bring your content to life.
The Fastest Way to Write a Book in 2024

Bring your book dreams to life with a simple click.

Instant Author takes your raw ideas or favorite articles and molds them into structured, engaging books. It’s where your creativity meets our technology, creating publish-ready works that captivate and sell.
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Instant Author redefines book creation. Provide just a few words or sentences, and our AI transforms them into a detailed, well-structured book. It’s like magic – you give us the seeds of your idea, and we grow it into a captivating story, ready for the world to read and ready for you to monetize!

From thought to complete book

Publication Producer isn’t just a writing tool; it’s your personal publishing powerhouse. Equipped with AI technology, it guides you through every step – from crafting captivating content to mastering eBook formats. Unlock new possibilities in self-publishing, explore diverse genres, and produce engaging educational content with ease.

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Enter the Mini Lessons Academy’s internet based command center.

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Select your niche and let our tool go to work, creating your Fully-Formed Microlearning Course for you!

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Hit ‘Share’ to reach a hungry audience eager for Bite-Sized Knowledge.

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That’s all there is to it! Watch as your impact spreads and get used to seeing Automated Income.

Every successful online entrepreneur has a superpowered system behind them.

With Instant Author, we are that system. Say goodbye to long writing hours, our tool easily brings your book, course or website to life instantly. This is content creation redefined.

Your Voice, Our Words

With Instant Author, incorporate your unique style into every book. Our advanced AI will mimic your tone and delivery, delivering content that sounds just like you - authentic, engaging, and magically crafted, everytime!

Oh Yeah…and There’s More

From short stories and educational eBooks to immersive courses and full-length novels, our AI effortlessly supports your diverse creative needs.

Craft Engaging Short Stories

Create captivating tales in moments. Perfect for quick reads or social media storytelling.

Design Comprehensive eCourses

Easily convert your expertise into engaging online courses, complete with lessons and quizzes.

Publish Full-Length Novels

From plot to publication, watch your novel ideas come to life effortlessly.

Create Educational eBooks

Turn knowledge into interactive and informative eBooks tailored for learning. Self-help, fiction, the genre is up to you. We’re just here to create it for you!

Develop Mini Series

Perfect for episodic content, create gripping series for blogs, social media, TV or the web!

Generate Professional Guides

Produce in-depth guides or manuals with ease, ideal for various industries.

The Ultimate Book Creation Tool

A must-have for aspiring authors and creative content creators.

Writing Made Easy

Not a wordsmith? No worries, Instant Author has got you covered. Select from pre-crafted, professional styles to ensure your content stands out. It’s the perfect blend of your ideas and our expert publishing tool.

Seamless Publishing Integration

Publish your books with ease using Instant Author. Our platform integrates smoothly with top publishing services, ensuring your work reaches your audience on any platform, from Kindle to iBooks, with simple, intuitive steps.

Begin Your Story For Free

See your ideas come to life and start creating your stories for free with Instant Author

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Free for 7 Days (then $45/month)

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  • 30,000 Words Limit
  • Access to All Writing Styles and Genres
  • AI-Powered Book Creation
  • Priority Customer Support

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Ideal for Independent Writers

$49 /mo
  • 300,000 Words Monthly Limit
  • Full Access to All Features
  • Advanced AI Writing Assistant
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Pro Plan

Tailored for Publishing Professionals

$129 /mo
  • 1.2 Million Words Monthly Limit
  • Comprehensive Toolset for Book Creation
  • Advanced AI Writing and Editing Tools
  • Dedicated Support and Custom Requests

Creators Corner

Real stories from our community who’ve turned their ideas into published books and fantastic pieces of content.
“As an indie game developer, Instant Author revolutionized the way I create interactive stories for my games. It transformed my rough ideas into captivating game narratives and structures. This tool not only saved me countless hours but also enhanced the engagement level of my games by far.”
“I create online educational content and Instant Author has been a lifesaver. I’ve used it to quickly generate strategy guides and quizzes for my online courses. The feedback from my students has been extremely positive. They love the interactive and smartly-structured materials.”
“Instant Author changed the game for me. I used to struggle with organizing my thoughts into a coherent book. Now, I’ve published 10 eBooks in under a month, with rave reviews from my readers. It’s like having a co-author who understands my vision perfectly.”
“Being busy all the time, I never thought I’d find the time to write my industry insights into a book. Instant Author made it possible. My first business guide was created and published very easily, and my followers are eating it up!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant Author enables you to create a wide range of content, including ebooks, short stories, educational materials, interactive quizzes, and downloadable guides. You can start from a single idea, a full article, or even a few words to generate your book.
Absolutely. We have made the cancellation process straightforward. You can cancel your subscription at any time through your account settings, and your subscription will not be renewed after the current billing cycle.
Once your book is generated, you can download it in ePub or PDF format. The process is quick and simple, allowing you to easily access your book for personal use or distribution.
Yes, you can upgrade your plan at any point to access additional features or higher content limits. The upgrade process is simple and can be done within your account settings.
With Instant Author, you input your ideas, desired book length, and any specific instructions. Our AI then generates a comprehensive book, including a cover, outline, and full content, in less than 60 seconds.
Our customer support team is always ready to assist you. You can reach out to us via email for any inquiries or assistance you need with Instant Author.
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