An Excellent "Make Money Online" Offer that Actually Converts in 2024

White Label Supplement Ecommerce companies have grown 600% in the last 5 years. Click Into Wealth offers a step-by-step guide in it's members area for anyone who purchases this product for a one-time Cost to Customer of $47. (multiple discounts ensure your traffic will convert)

$47 Cost to Customer

Multiple Discounts to make sure customer converts before leaving site

30 Day Conversion Window

Partner Payouts starting at $60/Conversion, paying as high as $110/Conversion for proven quality traffic

No Payout Reversals (even if customer refunds)

No Caps

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At, we understand that success is all about partnership.
That’s why we provide our partners with the best possible promotional tools. From banners and email copy, to link text and AdWords templates, we have created a whole portfolio of tools to help you get results.

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Email Swipes

Email 1.
Subject Line:
Work. From. Home. Now.
[NAME] this is not a test.
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Email 2.
Urgent News
I know you live a busy life, so this message will be quick, here are your 2 options for today:
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Email 3.
New And Improved! SO MANY SOFTWARES!
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Email 4.
Holy Moly! Finally Thursday
Holy Moly is right!
It’s been an absolutely crazy week. I still have an awesome program for you though! Had to share it! The numbers look outstanding!
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A quick video and you can get started! It’s that simple!!
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Email 5.
HURRY, there’s money waiting for you!!
Hey there!
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Capitalize On Your Social Media Use
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Anyway, let us know how it goes! And have a great one!
Email 6.
You’re Accepted!
I want to congratulate you on taking the

first step towards making money online.
I will keep this message brief because I
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Cheers to your success! Happy Wednesday!! (signature)
Email 7.


Make That Money Even From Bed


Hey [NAME]!

Lemme tell ya… I’ve been absolutely dead the passed few days. Kid came home from school with the flu and spread it through the whole household. But! I kept generating income the whole time!

With Systems Just Like This!

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Email 8.

Subject Line:

$1,400/Week Job Match For [FIRST_NAME]


Good Morning, [FIRST_NAME]!

Happy [Day of week] – O come bearing awesome news for you!

You’ve just been matched with an online YouTube job.

The job pays $1,400 per week, and has flexible hours (minimum 6 per week, so you can decide when you want to work 💰)

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Click here to apply now.

Your main role will be commenting on YouTube videos on behalf of small companies.

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There’s just one catch…

The deadline for this job application is 11:59pm on [todays date]

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Have a great week!


Email 9.
Subject: FIRST_NAME I just paid YOU! 💰
Body: Good Morning [FIRST_NAME], Congratulations [FIRST_NAME]! 🎉 That’s what you will always see in your inbox… Because this shows you exactly where the money is online. Check it, will you? ✅ Looking forward to your success, (signature)
Email 10.


Yessss! Here you go!


Hey there!

It’s Tuesday, so that means the week is in full swing! The online world is

still seeing TONS of activity. People are still scrolling through social media!

Capitalize On Your Social Media Use

For real! You might as well be making money from it, right?! It’s easy to sign up and get going!

Why Wouldn’t You Want Easy Money?

Anyway, let us know how it goes! And have a great one!


Email 11.


Let’s upgrade our friendship!




I’ve been noticing that you’ve been

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And for that, I want to reward you with something awesome.

Check this out here

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Email 12.
Subject: Hmm…what’s this?
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Here it is again!
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https://tosenterprise.go2cl &aff_id=ADDPARTNERID&url_i d=87&aff_sub=ADDSUBID


https://tosenterprise.go2cl &aff_idADDPARTNERID&url_id =90&aff_sub=ADDSUBID

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Do you know some affiliate programs can take up to 3 weeks to pay? And they remove conversions if your lead cancels or refunds?

We Pay for Conversions, even if customer Cancels/Refunds. We Pay Weekly, On Time, AND for the Previous Week’s Sales. We give regular feedback and reports.

We continually test and try to outperform existing creatives and landing pages to ensure we keep Conversion Rates High.

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